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The United States Golf Fitness Association™ (USGFA) is committed to the highest standards in athletic development, ambidexterity, wellness, nutrition and functional fitness training for all skill levels of the Golfing & Performance Lifestyle™ community. Our trainers, partners and staff are the elite in the industry.  Unleash the your Performance DNA™!

With the latest in Golf Muscle Activation™! (GMA) & Performance Lifestyle Systems™, from golf swing biomechanics, to physical screening techniques with posture analysis, to the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis.

PGFA instructors have set themselves apart from the traditional approaches and have set the standard for which everyone gauges their performance. We are focused on making a real Impact for individuals, families, athletes, corporations and our children by providing a proactive performance system for life. A Performance Lifestyle System™ that will allow you to “Enjoy the Journey, Live your Dreams and Live with Passion” Larry Castro, Founder & PGFA Master Instructor.  

 “Core Impact Golf” Author Larry Castro
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PGFA Online Home Study “GPA” Certification

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    •PGFA Certification Programs Level  1-3 & Masters
     •New PGFA Golf Performance Cycle includes:
    •Fluid Tempo Club Fitting
     •Golf Muscle Activation™! (GMA)
    •Analyzing the codes of perfection
PGFA 2016 Certification Schedule 
     •PGFA Certification Programs Level  1-3 & Masters 
     •New PGFA Golf Performance Cycle includes:
     •Fluid Tempo Club Fitting 
     •Golf Muscle Activation™! (GMA)
     •Analyzing the codes of perfection