What Our Clients Say

"Committed To Excellence"

"Larry just wanted to thank you again for a great course. The combination of you Jeff and Gary was superb. That tip you gave me about holding on to the club on the follow through may just have saved my hands for the rest of my golfing life. Since then I have not had hand pain, which I've had for the last 10 years. Thanks again."

Tom Dunn, Houston Physical Therapy

"Hope all is well with you and your organization! Thanks for the logos! Jason and Phil, the Assoc Exec and Exec are extremely excited about the program, as well as attracting the attention of other Y's to do the same thing, which will allow you to obtain more site memberships across the US!! It's a good start anyway!"

Jode Joyce, Fitness Director YMCA 

"My business has been doing very well since obtaining the PGFA certification. The certification has provided the necessary credibility. I would love to host a seminar at my facility. Talk to you soon."

David Paul, Club One 

"The class was unbelievable and you guys were great. The course was very professional presentations and fun. I would like to make myself available to help and support the organizations anyway I can."

Rod Stair, Young Minds, Inc.

"Since taking the course I have not only improved my game but my business. The certification has brought me credibility with my customers and PGA professionals. Thank you for your help as well directing business to my center. Let me know when the Master program will be held."

Amy Eichen, Milagros, Inc.  

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