USGFA™ Foundation

The vision and desire of the USGFA™ Foundation is to build a lighthouse of hope and inspiration that guides impressionable young athletes. By encouraging them to set their sails of positive thought and lead them through an ocean of opportunity towards reaching both their educational and sporting horizons.

The Foundation was founded to build upon the original plan of United States Golf Fitness Association™ mission to "Enrich Peoples Lives" through Golf Fitness and athletic development. Often the measurement of sporting success is a reflection on wins and losses. The Mission of the United States Golf Fitness Institute™ is to "Build Youth with Character". Therefore we have created a blueprint designed to empower these "Difference Makers" of the future.

Providing a vehicle through which kids can accomplish their dreams, thrive socially, excel academically and athletically, and become productive members of society with integrity, strong family values and a commitment to community.

The Foundation is an outgrowth of the United States Golf Fitness Association. The principal methods that are employed are:

· Education
· Fitness
· Outreach
· Scholarship

The Foundation seeks to partner with individuals and corporations to raise funds to build facilities, purchase equipment, provide scholarships, support expert staff and outreach programs. The board of the Foundation knows, first hand, how the combination of sports training and the esprit that a child feels knowing they are part of a team, can radically alter the path their young lives take, for the better!