Golf Muscle Activation™

Larry Castro has created a revolutionary new process that is called Proprioceptive Muscle Activation™ or Sports Muscle Activation™. He has been applying this process to the program that he hasdeveloped for golf, Golf Muscle Activation™ (GMA). This has created a new level of teaching, whichis producing incredible results. Additional categories include TMA and SMA, which have evolved forcorrecting muscular imbalances in the body and improving performance. This process has dramati-cally improved functional capabilities in people of all age groups, elevating sports performance anddelivering immediate results.

The theory behind the method rests upon his proprie-tary compound training session, which prepares thestudent to learn, improve performance, and play thegame of golf, or any sport. This process is biomechani-cally based, and when the body is functioning properly,each muscle will engage on demand without thought,and the body will function very efficiently. Read More

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