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Fluid Strength™ Training By Larry Castro

The golf swing must be taught in terms of motion and not positions. Traditional golf instruction has taught focusing on positions and pieces of the golf swing in static conditions. What typically transpires during the instruction is the student's subconscious receives the information and reproduces a pieced golf swing rather than a fluid reproduction of a golf swing.
During our instruction and development, work with and train in fluid movements. The PGFA™ refers to this as FLUID STRENGTH™. The training methods must develop this dynamic in our fitness training as well as our golf instruction.

The foundation and core must be developed to have a strong, stable, fluid balance. Without this core strength, golfers will create manipulation to establish a false balance. The student is conscious and fearful of the effects of gravity, which creates the mental fear of being in positions they have not developed stability or trust. The only thing that can occur is tension and an un-fluid motion.
We must allow ourselves to listen to our bodies and develop natural motions. This focus will create FLUID STRENGTH™.

1. Train with fluid motions
2. Practice with fluid motions
3. Use terms that create those impressions of FLUID STRENGTH

We can provide movements in our training and the training of the golf swing that will generate those strong fluid motions.
Our training does not mean that we do not need to understand where the swing starts from and where the 'transitions' are; we must show the biomechanical motion to achieve those stages.

© Copyright Larry Castro 7-8-2001

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